Our Services

Grass cutting

 Soft Landscaping

I provide a range of different services including.

  • Garden Mainteance

  • Grass cutting

  • Hedge cutting

  • soft landscaping (planting schemes, turfing and hedge planting).

  • Fence and Gate installation

  • Decking

  • power washing

  • Chemical spraying(weed killer, moss killer) Fully Licensed.

  • Prunning.

plants soften the landscape. From turf and trees to flowers and bulbs help to tie the frame work of your garden together. A Bardsley garden services can help you find a your vision for your garden, whether it's creating raised flower beds, planting hedges and shrubs, or simply to move around existing plants to improve your garden.

I provide a custom soft landscaping design service using a wide range of colours and varieties to make your garden suit you.

Rather than working on a hourly basis for cutting lawns I charge a fixed rate per cut. That means you pay no more even when your lawn takes me longer to cut due to rapid growth periods or wet weather as long as it is being done either fortnightly or weekly. So that Im not charging you when I a have a cup of tea with you.